Virtual Coffee Tuesday ~5~

It's true, no coffee so far today just loads of tea!  I even rolled up a rim this morning to no avail (Tim Horton's you wound me!).  Maybe that's why I feel so unproductive.

I am trying to achieve about a million things at once, and feeling rather unaccomplished.  If you were here you would probably wonder what the heck I'm trying to do as I take multi-tasking to an insane level.  I've been told multi-tasking is actually a myth as it just means doing many things in a mediocre fashion as opposed to do one thing to the best of your ability.  Well then I'm screwed, or at the very least mediocre.

I am always multi-tasking to a point where I wonder if I remember how not to do a million things at once.  Today I am clearing my email accounts (seriously bad news, 1000's of emails waiting for sort and dump).  I am also making menus, doing laundry, cleaning house, tweaking my blog, texting with friends, talking to hubby, assisting children, and holding a froggie funeral.

Okay maybe it's a simple flush and wave, but none the less Leia the dwarf frog has moved on to God's pond and Luke is a widower.  I think she might have been a bit of a nag and a rock hog, so maybe he won't miss her as much as I fear.  To be honest I think I miss her more than anyone else does!

Did ya notice I added an email button and a new Twitter button today?  Yeah, well maybe not, but I think they are purrrrty!  If you were here, you would be laughing at my squeals of glee everytime I look at them LOL!

Anywhooo, I'm off to continue being mediocre, but meet me back here tomorrow when I blab all about St. Patrick's Day!

See you tomorrow, have a blessed day!

4 Responses
  1. PinkMama Says:

    Right there with ya! I have a million things I NEED to do but I guess I find a million things I WANT to do instead. Emails....they take up a lot of time. I'm right now drinking a cold mocha just to see if it helps me :) Good luck and SORRY about lil frog.

  2. Ohhhh, but the chick's adorable and the send me love, yay! You're so creative, Lynn!

  3. All 6 of our froggies died. Sigh. I think your mediocre, busy days are very interesting. At least I know I'm not the only one too pooped to blog!

  4. {Amy} Says:

    oh Lord, i need to get rid of thousands of emails myself...why don't i just do it regularly? i hate that i procrastinate like that and then it's too overwhelming to do..story of my life though! : )

    cute button! thanks for coffee!