Sunday Funnies

Here I sit this Sunday with a broken toe.  So what's a girl to do?  Find something funny to giggle at and share it all with YOU!

Here are some of the most interesting church announcement boards I have ever seen!

I thought  these were a good laugh!  I believe the Lord appreciates a sense of humor ;)

Have a blessed and rewarding week!

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6 Responses
  1. Jennifer Says:

    Hi, I'm following you from the Sunday Strolling Blog Hop and I'm a new follower. Hop over and say hi if you get a chance!

    Those are all great!

  2. Holly Says:

    These are so funny! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you back!

  3. LOL and oh so right on.

  4. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing. Sorry about your toe!

  5. AmberFaith Says:

    Newest follower from the Welcome Wednesday blog hop! (:


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Hahaha! These are just too funny. Thanks for the laugh. :)