It's Time Again For...

Here are 10 things I am loving today!

1.  My new Etsy Jewelry purchases!  I don't buy stuff for myself often but when I do it's something I am totally crazy about.  I hung out at Fabulously Flawed and grabbed myself some awesome deals!  

2.  My garden!  I've already got radishes, leaf lettuce, and swiss chard ready to harvest! Everything else is coming up fabulous and I can't wait for the fall harvest :)

3.  My kids.  Seriously, deep, mad love!  They are growing into such little men and I'm having so much fun with them this summer.  B is making such progress with his impulsive behavior and aggression which is over the moon amazing!  J is starting his first formal year of homeschooling this coming September and already he can do math in his head!  He's loving it!  He's starting to recognize words and B is helping him along.  Soon they will both be independent readers and writers.  Where does the time go?

4.  My husband.  He is amazing, period.  He is really one of the best men you could ever meet.  I know that sounds bias but honestly I have friends and acquaintances tell me frequently what a great guy he is.  He might be pushing 40 with a wedding band but the ladies (and young ladies) still flirt with him all the time!  He is always willing to lend a hand to someone in need and he is a really gentle heart.  It took a long bumpy road to get to him but he was certainly worth the wait!  How blessed I am to be crazy in love with my best friend :)

5.  Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai nutritional drink.  It is delicious times a million!  The only problem is you can only drink a cup a day because it is packed with vitamins and minerals.  Unfortunately it tastes so good the bottle taunts me from the fridge LOL!

6.  Avon Reversalist Skin Care products.  My skin seems to really love this stuff!  Normally when my time of the month hits I look like a pimply faced school girl (especially with my peri-menopausal hormone coaster).  I started using this and my skin was ten times better!  Even my complexion is looking so much better then it's regular blotchy pink mess.  I was beginning to wonder if I would ever have nice skin, but I really think now that it is possible!

7.  The new styles of riding boots at Sears Canada.  I will tell you a little secret about me, I am an equestrian at heart.  If I were wealthy I would have horse stables, take equestrian lessons, the lot!  I love horses!  However horses won't happen here anytime soon, but I can still love up on the equestrian style.  I have been searching for decently priced riding style boots and finally Sears has come to my aid.  I think I will have a black and a brown pair this year if I can swing it!

8.  Homeschooling!  I have been busy researching curriculum and activities for the upcoming school year.  I'm not done arranging everything but I'm close.  I am so excited to start again in the Fall!

9.  Weight Watchers - I have been so lazy this summer with my weight and eating habits.  Let me tell you as a friend once said, putting a pretty shirt over a muffin top does not turn you into a cupcake!  So, now I'm off to get myself together with the help of my trusty friend Weight Watchers.  We never really parted ways, we simply got busy and forgot to call each other.  

10. My hair!  I lopped it off into a bob, yes sir I did!  I don't have a pic yet, but it's very easy and comfortable :)

What are you loving today?  Stop on by and see Jamie to tell us all about it!

Have a super awesome day!

 Adding To My...

I can't believe that July is half over already!  Of course this rapid acceleration toward fall means one's coming!

This September we embark on our third homeschooling year.  I will be honest, the first two years were a mixed bag of preparation and good intentions.  Somehow at the end of the previous year I would vow to be more organized the following year but instead find myself running around like a chicken come fall pleading against time for my curriculum to arrive and the facilitator visit to be delayed.  It all worked out in the end but...not gonna happen this time!

I have spent snippits of last week searching curriculum, discovering what we need, the cost and where we can get it.  All I need to do is pick it up next week.  I am now contemplating what activities and organizations we wish to be a part of this year.  We are a soccer family, but this year we opted out because B couldn't handle it.  He found the group competitiveness too much to handle and his anxiety was way too high.  I'm thinking this year we will opt for less competitive and perhaps more solitary pursuits unless he is really passionate about returning to the pitch.  Now if we can only convince him to fully submerse in water we might finally be able to burn through those swim lessons too!

I still consider myself a homeschool newbie, even after two years have passed.  Like the new kid in school I sat back and listened to murmurings of group activity but simply wasn't brave enough to step up and join in.  Well I think I feel ready to introduce myself now.  Recently I meet a small group of women from the local homeschool association.  It wasn't as intimidating as I thought.  I think this will be my initiation year into all things homeschool mum.  Instead of just working within my bubble I'm going to reach out, get stuck in and see what happens. Always a fear inducing prospect, but hey I can put my big girl (or in my case really big girl) knickers on and open myself up to something good.

Of course as with anything in my life, the first step in getting going is getting organized!  Sometimes my idea factory seems to run dry, so I browse the Internet for some creative and purposeful inspiration.  Here are some of the cool things I've found today:

Sorting Bin System - As Presented by Risa

I really love this system!  We have those rolling drawer cabinets that are made of plastic. You know the ones sold at Walmart with drawer fronts molded into a basket weave hoping to hide their utilitarian existence.  It doesn't work I assure you, and quite honestly neither do the drawers that stick like a crock shoe to a glue trap!  I did happen across another smart homeschooler who actually had similar bins to the ones above only they had labelled them with vinyl lettering, oooooh cute! 

I love this mobile concept!  We often move our activities around the house and grounds (oooh look I sound all posh and wealthy, but really it just means outside enjoying our well loved acreage) so this would be ideal!  This is one of those 'why the heck didn't I think of that' moments, because I carry one of these caddies around when I clean bathroom all the time (and if you have boys you know how often you are cleaning bathrooms!).

Weekly Checklist - Early Bird Homeschool

I am the queen of lists.  Seriously I should be thrown in jail for crimes against defenseless trees!  Toss me into the dungeon as my kingdom is ruled by paper and pen.  I love the condensed yet complete nature of this list, so I'm going to create my own based on this very fine example :)

Homeschool Records - I Heart Organizing

How cool is this!  At the end of each year I always curse the fact that although we were working, I don't have a firm reference for previous school years (and therefore organized mementos). I mean we had stuff, but of course it was simply put away with the previous years curriculum and not revisited for purpose or pleasure.  This is perfect! I'm going to rustle up my own version (listen to me sounding all cowboy boots and lassos) so that my children have a flowing record of their hard work. 

So there it is, I'm well underway and I actually can't wait for the new term to start!  Just wait until you see the cool things we come up with this year :)

Have a great weekend!

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

1.  The Royal Canadian Tour (you knew that would be first!) - I am loving every minute of it and feel even more certain that William and Catherine are a perfect fit.  I can't wait to hear of royal babies!  The only downer is they are stopping in Calgary and I am NOT in Calgary.  I'm still licking my wounds over my absence in the UK during the wedding, but at least technology allows me to pretend :)

2.  Opening my Avon Deliveries - It's seriously like Christmas!  I have always loved the sparkling newness of opening parcels and this is no different.  I also get so excited to try the new stuff I've ordered and love love love this new dress I bought:

3.  My Garden - It's growing like...well....a weed!  It's growing a few weeds as well LOL!  Everything is coming up amazing and I can't wait to see the end result!

4.  Prepping For The School Year - Yes it's only July but I'm already busy deciding on curriculum for the fall.  This is the first year both boys will be in full time study and I can't wait!

5.  Papa Murphy's Thai Chicken Pizza - It's seriously a new addiction!  I just love it and as a matter of fact it's on the supper menu tonight :) Trust me it's the closest thing to sex that food can be, next to chocolate of course!

6.  My Kid's Made Friends With The Neighbor Kids - Yes they finally have next door playmates which they have never had.  It's so sweet to see how happy they are knowing that they have little friends so close by!

7.  Katie Price's Documentary 'Standing Up For Harvey' - I seriously love how she has advocated not only for her own son but for others who may be perceived as challenged or different.  It made me smile, it made me cry, and I think it's so worth a watch.  It comes in three parts, you can watch part one below and then catch the other two to follow under the same user:

8.  Sunshine - We are getting a lot of rain around here, so when the sun comes out I am doing a happy little dance!  Hoping to go to the park today, but if not then we will partake in the backyard :)

9.  Good Friends - What is life without them?  I have a good network of lovely people in my life and feel so blessed.

10.  Getting My House In Order - Slowly it is coming along and it's so nice to see real progress!  Sorting and organizing takes time but it is so worth it!

There is some stuff I'm loving today, how about you?  Head on over to see Jamie and tell us all about it!  You can share or you can just check out what everyone else has linked up.  Go on you know you want to!

Have a super day!

Oh and one thing I'm not loving.....all these Blogger problems!  I am so sick of trying to post, save or upload pics only to have it not working.  Seriously Blogger staff let's get this fixed already it's been far too long.
Wow, How Time Flies...
When You Are Working In The Great Outdoors!

The last two days have been a blur, as we toiled away in our large garden patch.  It's been a labor of love, and we pray something actually grows!  

We moved to our acreage home last April, and the yard was not in the best shape.  The garden area is what used to be the space for an old greenhouse many years ago.  Needless to say there wasn't much to work with other that a big cement bordered space full of weeds.  We (along with the help of some great neighbors) tilled the heck out of it, trucked in some lovely manure mixed with top soil, and tilled again to get a nice consistent mixture of garden soil. 

After many seeds, plants, stakes, and fence bundles we have this!

It doesn't look like much right now but hopefully it will produce some lovely results.  The space is actually much longer than it appears as it's actually surrounded by the cement foundation belonging to the old greenhouse.  You know those long glass greenhouse buildings you see at the garden centers where you buy all your plants and supplies, this was one of those.  

If all surfaces above ground (and we can keep the wild critters out of it) we should produce:  Peas, Orange Carrots, White Carrots, Beets, Rainbow Swiss Chard, Iceburg Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Zucchini, Yellow Squash (essentially yellow Zucchini), English Cucumbers, Cauliflower, Rainbow Bell Peppers, Big Red Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onions, White Onions, Green Onions, French Breakfast Radishes, Red Potatoes, and White Potatoes.  I think that's everything LOL!

We have also planted the following fruit trees:  Red Raspberries (2 Types), Golden Raspberries, Saskatoon Berries (2 Types),  and Blueberries (2 Types).

In a smaller bed we have our Pumpkins next to the children's garden where they plant Sunflowers and Cosmos.  We are hoping to get a pumpkin each for Halloween carving!

Hubby is building me a little self contained patch for my Red Rhubarb plant.  Rhubarb tends to take over, so a permanent location where it can't spread further than you dictate is best.  It's like an unruly child, it needs boundaries LOL!

I still have to get my herbs, strawberries, and garlic going on the deck.  I'm hanging the strawberries to see if I get more fruit that way, and the rest is just waiting for more soil and pots.

I also got dug in with the front flower beds.  I had Day Lilies in the weirdest spot, so I had to transplant them all after I got the weeds and junk out of the way.  I now have one front bed totally planted and one waiting for my Sweet William seeds.  Getting closer to the end, and considering it was only two days work I feel rather accomplished!  

Have a super fantastic day!

Happy Mother's Day!
 You Either Are One, or You Have One!

 I would love to be June Cleaver, that woman had it together....always.  Oh wait, she's not  real, but then why do we aspire to her standards?  Ward always came home to supper made from scratch, an impeccably kept wife, two well behaved children (Beaver was well behaved just trouble prone), and an immaculate house.  June always had a smile on her face and heels on her feet.  She was calm, cool, collected, and pretty much flawless. I sort of hate her a little bit because deep down I feel like I fail in all the ways she excelled. I probably don't, but you know with being a mum comes all that excess baggage you pack around called mother guilt.  Apparently June only carried grocery bags.

Of course the 50's mum had to make way for the more relaxed reflection of the late sixties and seventies.  Carol Brady, the twice married mother of three who had three stepchildren, a housekeeper, bell bottom pants, and a televised marital bed.  Who would have guessed that sleeping with one's husband helped pave the way to motherhood, or that *gasp* you might actually be a woman with needs when you are done putting buns in the oven. It's actually not all about dad and the kids apparently, go figure!

I suppose Carol Brady with her occasional obstacles and less than perfect children gave women permission to breathe a bit.  She may have had the worst haircut ever, but at least she didn't have the world convinced that to be a good mother you had to be a stepford wife.  I wonder what Carol would have though of Florence Henderson's affair with her eldest TV son?  Do you think they could have worked out THAT issue in 30 minutes like they did everything else?  Where's June when you need her!

Life has changed so much since then, and with technological advancements being what they are we always feel like we could be June Cleaver if we tried.  I mean she had to hand write grocery lists, cook without convection, and go to the library for information.  We can do things faster, easier, and pretty much everything is at our fingertips so why then do we feel as though we often fall short?  It's all about lifestyle.  In the 50's (heck even in the 70's when I was growing up) life was pretty simple.  

Kids went to school, mum's cleaned house and got the food cooked (while having coffee with the woman next door). Kid's came home played outside till dinner, mum served, family ate, bath time and the kids are in bed. You took the odd vacation, but for the most part daily life didn't fluctuate a heck of a lot. When your routine is that regular and uncomplicated being a mother seems pretty straight forward.  What happens when your life looks like this:

Shift work, soccer practice, homeschooling, computer gaming, convenience food, e-mail, answering machines, cell phones, shopping malls, early puberty, sex in media, divorce, social networking, mental illness, and numerous other modern day challenges.  Suddenly it's not so straight forward, as a matter of fact it's like rushing down the rapids with no paddles.  Then why is it we expect in our crazy modern lives that we should or could maintain a June Cleaveresque existence?  The more challenges we have to face the more we condemn ourselves for not achieving perfection. 

I think we have it all over June, she would have snapped a heel and crumbled into a big aproned ball by now. Even Carol's mullet would have turned grey faced with some of the things we conquer daily.  I think the most remarkable women from those eras are the ones that learned how to adapt quickly, stay strong, and maintain an open mind (like my own mum).  Funnily enough, that strategy works for us modern day mums too.  

My mum was amazing.  She was the epitome of adaptation and strength.  No matter what life tossed her way she caught it and ran with it right till the end.  She was the most supportive and loving of mums, she was the very best of nanas, and overall she was just the best person I have ever known hands down.  She passed three years ago today, but I still feel as though she could walk through the door at any minute.  I miss her more and less each day. The best gift she ever gave me was life, and for that I will always be grateful.

As a mother myself I am so blessed! I have two beautiful boys who fill my heart with joy and my days with purpose.  Sometimes I feel a bit like June Cleaver, and others a little more like Marge Simpson, but I always feel like the luckiest mum ever.  Years ago I didn't think I would even have the chance to be a mother (long story), and now my only daughter is one of God's angels, but I couldn't ask for a better life.  There is nothing more uplifting then a cuddle (or a huggle as we say) from my boys, the way they smell after a good nights sleep, or the way they smile when they feel a sense of accomplishment.  The desire to keep them small and yet the excitement of watching them grow. To me that's motherhood.  

Thanks so much for everything Mum, I'll take it from here.

Happy Mother's Day!

The New Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

A Modern Day Fairy Tale ...

I woke at 3:00AM and I'm still on a high from the beauty of this day.  I can honestly say that it was worth every second of sleep I forfeited to witness the union of the royal couple in real time.  I know some of you are probably yawning and going glass eyed at my second royal posting, but a blog is about the opinions of the person writing it and today this is enveloping my thoughts and my heart.  Tomorrow I shall return to business as usual but for today I am being completely indulgent.

 Say what you will about the pageantry of a royal wedding, but somehow the indulgence seems appropriate when the couple appear so down to earth and so much in love.  It's literally like a modern day fairy tale come to life.  When speculation was rife about the flowers, the dress and the ceremony it was all about how the commoner would affect royal tradition (as Catherine is not of noble blood).  I was over the top excited to see how the personal tastes of this young couple would affect the days events, not because she was a commoner but because throughout their entire relationship they have appeared to mark their own course.

The day was full of pageantry it's true, but it was also filled with intimacy, comedy, surprise, and an over abundance of love.  The flowers alone spoke of romance and a purity that you don't often see in royal occasions.  The grandeur of Westminster Abbey seemed to be softened with a secret garden feeling using potted trees that can be used again for other events or planted for continued longevity.  A helpful idea from Prince Charles the eco warrior perhaps?   The bridal bouquet refreshingly simple. The flowers she held were all sentimental choices and very understated.  How friggen cute is it that one of the flowers were called Sweet Williams!

Most often when you watch a royal wedding you get the feeling that their main focus is to uphold a dignified exterior, an almost automated feel.  I think the last time anything felt truly relaxed or unscripted was when Diana accidentally mixed up Charles names in her vows.  This wedding was far more sincere if you ask me (you aren't but I'm telling you anyway LOL).

Firstly Catherine making the drive to the church looking relaxed and almost relieved to make the journey.  She waved the entire way, smiling with great joy as she passed the crowds in the street.  I couldn't help but laugh when she entered the main chapel and Prince Harry turned to William and said "Wait till you see her!" as she began her trip down the isle (thank you British Telegraph lip readers for clarifying that!).

How endearing was it to see the look on William's face when he turned to see his bride for the first time.  Their eyes lock and he leans over gently saying "I love you, you look beautiful!"  then turning to his father-in-law to be and chuckling "I thought we were having a small intimate affair?" his focus directed toward the people he loves rather than his duty to uphold a certain dignified demeanor.

I loved the stolen moments between William and Catherine throughout the service.  The sideways glances, the small giggle during the sermon, and her leaning into him as they sat during the readings.  Imagine what was going through his mind when her ring almost appeared not to fit! I imagine the jeweler was having a moment then as well.  It was all the little improptu things, the smiles, the intimacy between them that made the entire ceremony magical.

Emerging from the church to the roars of the crowds must have been spectacular.  When Catherine turned to William and said "I am so happy" her look of adoration indicated it had a lot more to do with becoming his wife then it did having the world cheering for her.  I don't know about anyone else but I got the distinct impression they would have been just as comfortable and satisfied to be married under a large blossoming tree in a garden with only their family to bear witness.  As fantastical as the day was, their body language and their admiring glances said far more to me than the pageantry ever could.

My only ping of sadness was watching William knowing that he would have traded everything in just to have his own mother with him today.  She was there in spirit with all of the tributes they so lovingly included on her behalf, but as someone who's mother has also passed I know that it's a physical and emotional absence of which you never fully recover.  My heart went out to him as he celebrated the biggest day of his life, knowing how dearly he was missing her and would continue to miss her during all life's major milestones.  I like to believe she was there today, and made certain that the weather cooperated so that everything would flow perfectly as planned for her son's big day. Her own special gift for the woman who will carry her son's heart for the rest of his life.  Mother's don't hand over their sons easily, but seeing how happy William appears to be I suspect Diana would be pleased.

The official balcony kiss was not a disappointment.  People were thrilled when the royal couple kissed not once but twice! Watching Catherine with her flower girls I also suspect we are not far off from a royal heir.  She is very obviously quite maternal and at 30 years old with a long relationship history behind them it wouldn't be crazy to think that the next generation will begin sooner rather than later.  Perhaps the royal honeymoon is meant for more than just fun in the sun!  After all most royal babies seem to appear within a year after the vows are made ;)

Usual royal protocol has been for the royal couple to leave the palace following the reception and head off for the honeymoon.  Simple car, simple going away outfits, away and done.  This is where William and Catherine put their own spin on things literally!  William may have changed from his dress reds to the simpler black Irish coat, but Catherine  appeared still in full wedding attire like any other bride reluctant to remove that ever so precious dress (another nod to how very much this day meant to her).  How the leftover crowds cheered to see them climb into Charles convertible Aston Martin adorned with streamers, balloons, and a just wed plate!  With William's RAF buddies flying overhead they actually took the opportunity to drive once more through the throngs of people and interact once more with those celebrating their special day.  It was an ordinary tradition in an extraordinary situation.  

I suppose one shouldn't be too shocked when you consider that William came out onto the street last night to personally greet people camping out for the big day.  What royal has ever done that?  The thing is you can tell he does it because he's moved and he wants to give back, not as a contrived publicity stunt.  It is William's humbleness that makes him endearing and is a reflection of the one thing Diana wanted for her boys above all else in a royal world.  It's truly lovely to witness, even from afar.

I wish the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge all the best in their future together and if I'm honest I think that the best thing that could ever happen to the monarchy is for William to succeed Elizabeth on the throne.  No offense intended to Charles at all, but he's a little long in the tooth and there is something unique and refreshing about William (and Catherine) that would do the United Kingdom and the world a great service. They are traditional yet modern, royal yet humble, and definitely a breath of fresh air.  Their youth also allows for a longer reign and I think a greater chance to make an impact.  I look forward to seeing him crowned King when the time comes and of course the royal birth announcements.  Did you see Charles with that little flower girl on the balcony?  This man just oozes grandpa!

What a wonderful day, what a wonderful couple!  I only wish we would have got a peek inside at the festivities in the palace because I'm sure they are having a right old knees up! May they have the most memorable of moments the entire day through.

Prince William of Wales
Catherine Middleton
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
April 29th, 2011

Long May Love Reign!

Here Comes....

The Royal Wedding!

Tomorrow is the big day and I can't wait!  Anyone who knows me knows this is huge in my world.  I was born and raised Canadian but my family roots are based in the UK.  My heart has always been overseas, even as a small child before I realized that British blood coursed through my veins.  I, along with countless others, have been waiting for this moment for years.  Some would say we have been waiting for this moment since the day Prince William was born.  The marriage of a direct heir to the British throne is epic, but I have to say this event has become even more poignant due to the love and devotion that emanates from this couple.  You can see the honest affection in their eyes when they look at each other and I don't believe I have seen that reflected in any royal couple since the Queen and her own consort Prince Phillip were married (no I was not around personally at the time but I have watched plenty of footage, probably more than once LOL!).

I remember sitting up in the wee small hours watching Lady Diana Spencer become Diana Princess of Wales.  I sat with my mother, together in the dark, with only the glow of the television to light the event chatting excitedly as we awaited the fairy tale moment.  We watched, we cried, and we felt oddly patriotic toward a country we had never visited  personally.  I think my mum had more British leanings than she was willing to admit, but I have always been openly UK all the way.  I really wish we had the chance to take that trip together, how wonderful it would have been to share the experience of going 'home'.
Now as I gear up for the big wedding, I know she will be watching with me from above keeping me company in the dark early morning hours.  Yes I will be awake (well awake enough) to watch the royal union as it transmits live from London just as I was all those years ago.  I will also PVR the event and all the extra footage pertaining to the big day so I can watch again when I am more wide awake.  Call me crazy if you wish, but I am so excited it's like I have my own spot in the pews at Westminster Abbey.  

Speaking of filling pews, how cool is it that William and Catherine invited locals from the small town of Bucklebury to the wedding!  These people interacted with Wills and Kate on a regular basis when they spent time in her hometown and now they are being honored with invites to the biggest shin dig in the country.  When you consider that some foreign dignitaries and even local officials have been left off the list, this is an epic achievement.  It only demonstrates further how they maintain a personal touch within a long standing formalized institution.  It is wonderful to see that they will honor traditions but still remain faithful and respectful to those that touch them personally, adding a slightly more modern and humble twist to royalty.

Incidentally, the music choices for this occasion hold special meaning for William and Catherine as well.  The first song played at the service will be 
'Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer' as a personal tribute to William's mother.  The song was played at her funeral and will now ring in the beginning of her son's special day.  As Kate walks down the isle with Diana's sapphire on her finger the melodies of 'I Was Glad' by Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry will resonate through the cathedral.  This song has been used often for major royal occasions.  

I wish I could be sipping this tea while I watch, it's too funny!  If I had my way I would be decked out Union Jack style just like the Royalists camping out on the pavement outside Westminster Abbey.  

All along the wedding route there will be vendors selling official wedding programs detailing absolutely everything about the service and the route.  Ooooh how I would love to get my hands on one of these!

Apparently they sold a similar program for the wedding of Charles and Diana, anyone have an extra they want to unload LOL!  As a matter of fact if you are a UK citizen and wish to send me loads of wedding paraphernalia I will gladly accept your generosity, simply head into the 'contact me' section of this blog.  Okay I know no one will send me stuff, but it never hurts to try LOL!

Another big indication that things are already changing within the monarchy is the release of a Thank You message from Prince William and Catherine Middleton.  This is the first time a royal has ever expressed personal gratitude in such a fashion.  Most thank yous are extremely formal and presented after an event, whereas this is much more intimate (well as intimate as possible when addressing the world).   It's lovely to see that a young couple who wants for nothing can still express simple and humble gratitude.

On that note fellow Canadian Anglophiles, here is the CTV Royal Wedding schedule:

Thursday, April 28

1 p.m. ET – eTalk Original “Royal” Episode (CTV)

9 p.m. ET – Kate & William: A Modern Romance (Bravo!)

9 p.m. – Royal Wedding Playlist (Bravo!)

10 p.m. ET – Kate: The New Diana (Bravo!)

Friday, April 29, 2011

3-10 a.m. ET – “William and Kate: The Royal Wedding”

7-9 a.m. PT – Canada AM

10-11 a.m. ET – The Marilyn Denis Show "Wedding Reception Special"

Noon – 1 p.m. ET – CTV News
Live hits from London from the Bell Media Royal Wedding broadcast team.

1-3 p.m. ET – William and Kate: The Royal Wedding
Post wedding coverage.

6-7 p.m. ET – CTV News At Six 
Live hits from London from the Bell Media Royal Wedding broadcast team.

7-9 p.m. ET – William and Kate: The Royal Wedding 
More post wedding coverage

11-11:30 p.m. ET – CTV National News with Llloyd Robertson 
Wedding related.

11:30 p.m. ET – CTV News
Much of same.

4-10 a.m. ET – Live From The Royal Wedding (also available online at

7 p.m. ET – E! News  

9 p.m. ET – Will and Kate: Road To The Altar  

10 p.m. ET – Fashion Police: Royal Wedding 

For a complete breakdown of what each segment involves visit

Here's to the union of a lovely couple who just so happen to be the future King and Queen consort of England!  Long may their love reign!  Ooooh and babies, royal babies LOL!

Have a regal day!