The New Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

A Modern Day Fairy Tale ...

I woke at 3:00AM and I'm still on a high from the beauty of this day.  I can honestly say that it was worth every second of sleep I forfeited to witness the union of the royal couple in real time.  I know some of you are probably yawning and going glass eyed at my second royal posting, but a blog is about the opinions of the person writing it and today this is enveloping my thoughts and my heart.  Tomorrow I shall return to business as usual but for today I am being completely indulgent.

 Say what you will about the pageantry of a royal wedding, but somehow the indulgence seems appropriate when the couple appear so down to earth and so much in love.  It's literally like a modern day fairy tale come to life.  When speculation was rife about the flowers, the dress and the ceremony it was all about how the commoner would affect royal tradition (as Catherine is not of noble blood).  I was over the top excited to see how the personal tastes of this young couple would affect the days events, not because she was a commoner but because throughout their entire relationship they have appeared to mark their own course.

The day was full of pageantry it's true, but it was also filled with intimacy, comedy, surprise, and an over abundance of love.  The flowers alone spoke of romance and a purity that you don't often see in royal occasions.  The grandeur of Westminster Abbey seemed to be softened with a secret garden feeling using potted trees that can be used again for other events or planted for continued longevity.  A helpful idea from Prince Charles the eco warrior perhaps?   The bridal bouquet refreshingly simple. The flowers she held were all sentimental choices and very understated.  How friggen cute is it that one of the flowers were called Sweet Williams!

Most often when you watch a royal wedding you get the feeling that their main focus is to uphold a dignified exterior, an almost automated feel.  I think the last time anything felt truly relaxed or unscripted was when Diana accidentally mixed up Charles names in her vows.  This wedding was far more sincere if you ask me (you aren't but I'm telling you anyway LOL).

Firstly Catherine making the drive to the church looking relaxed and almost relieved to make the journey.  She waved the entire way, smiling with great joy as she passed the crowds in the street.  I couldn't help but laugh when she entered the main chapel and Prince Harry turned to William and said "Wait till you see her!" as she began her trip down the isle (thank you British Telegraph lip readers for clarifying that!).

How endearing was it to see the look on William's face when he turned to see his bride for the first time.  Their eyes lock and he leans over gently saying "I love you, you look beautiful!"  then turning to his father-in-law to be and chuckling "I thought we were having a small intimate affair?" his focus directed toward the people he loves rather than his duty to uphold a certain dignified demeanor.

I loved the stolen moments between William and Catherine throughout the service.  The sideways glances, the small giggle during the sermon, and her leaning into him as they sat during the readings.  Imagine what was going through his mind when her ring almost appeared not to fit! I imagine the jeweler was having a moment then as well.  It was all the little improptu things, the smiles, the intimacy between them that made the entire ceremony magical.

Emerging from the church to the roars of the crowds must have been spectacular.  When Catherine turned to William and said "I am so happy" her look of adoration indicated it had a lot more to do with becoming his wife then it did having the world cheering for her.  I don't know about anyone else but I got the distinct impression they would have been just as comfortable and satisfied to be married under a large blossoming tree in a garden with only their family to bear witness.  As fantastical as the day was, their body language and their admiring glances said far more to me than the pageantry ever could.

My only ping of sadness was watching William knowing that he would have traded everything in just to have his own mother with him today.  She was there in spirit with all of the tributes they so lovingly included on her behalf, but as someone who's mother has also passed I know that it's a physical and emotional absence of which you never fully recover.  My heart went out to him as he celebrated the biggest day of his life, knowing how dearly he was missing her and would continue to miss her during all life's major milestones.  I like to believe she was there today, and made certain that the weather cooperated so that everything would flow perfectly as planned for her son's big day. Her own special gift for the woman who will carry her son's heart for the rest of his life.  Mother's don't hand over their sons easily, but seeing how happy William appears to be I suspect Diana would be pleased.

The official balcony kiss was not a disappointment.  People were thrilled when the royal couple kissed not once but twice! Watching Catherine with her flower girls I also suspect we are not far off from a royal heir.  She is very obviously quite maternal and at 30 years old with a long relationship history behind them it wouldn't be crazy to think that the next generation will begin sooner rather than later.  Perhaps the royal honeymoon is meant for more than just fun in the sun!  After all most royal babies seem to appear within a year after the vows are made ;)

Usual royal protocol has been for the royal couple to leave the palace following the reception and head off for the honeymoon.  Simple car, simple going away outfits, away and done.  This is where William and Catherine put their own spin on things literally!  William may have changed from his dress reds to the simpler black Irish coat, but Catherine  appeared still in full wedding attire like any other bride reluctant to remove that ever so precious dress (another nod to how very much this day meant to her).  How the leftover crowds cheered to see them climb into Charles convertible Aston Martin adorned with streamers, balloons, and a just wed plate!  With William's RAF buddies flying overhead they actually took the opportunity to drive once more through the throngs of people and interact once more with those celebrating their special day.  It was an ordinary tradition in an extraordinary situation.  

I suppose one shouldn't be too shocked when you consider that William came out onto the street last night to personally greet people camping out for the big day.  What royal has ever done that?  The thing is you can tell he does it because he's moved and he wants to give back, not as a contrived publicity stunt.  It is William's humbleness that makes him endearing and is a reflection of the one thing Diana wanted for her boys above all else in a royal world.  It's truly lovely to witness, even from afar.

I wish the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge all the best in their future together and if I'm honest I think that the best thing that could ever happen to the monarchy is for William to succeed Elizabeth on the throne.  No offense intended to Charles at all, but he's a little long in the tooth and there is something unique and refreshing about William (and Catherine) that would do the United Kingdom and the world a great service. They are traditional yet modern, royal yet humble, and definitely a breath of fresh air.  Their youth also allows for a longer reign and I think a greater chance to make an impact.  I look forward to seeing him crowned King when the time comes and of course the royal birth announcements.  Did you see Charles with that little flower girl on the balcony?  This man just oozes grandpa!

What a wonderful day, what a wonderful couple!  I only wish we would have got a peek inside at the festivities in the palace because I'm sure they are having a right old knees up! May they have the most memorable of moments the entire day through.

Prince William of Wales
Catherine Middleton
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
April 29th, 2011

Long May Love Reign!

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5 Responses
  1. Wasn't it fun!! And I still can't get over your great blog layout!! Reminds me of my England travel journals. :-) Have a great weekend.

  2. The Chick Says:

    Thank you so much, I love it as well :) I haven't found anything I like as much which made it difficult when it wasn't working for a time. I keep thinking how fantastic it must be to be Catherine Middleton (now Windsor) right now ;)

  3. I adored every sleepless moment of it. I was enthralled from start to end.
    They are a lovely and loving couple and I believe they are going to bring about the changes Williams Mother had so hoped for.

  4. Mrs. Tuna Says:

    They seem to be so in love with each other too.

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