I am going to dust off my sewing machine and sharpen up my skills.  It's sew easy right!  Well there was actually a time in my life that I was rather handy with the old bobbin and thread, so now's my chance to see if I've still got it ;)  Of course, this requires getting my machine back to it original working glory.  I have lost my instruction manual, but all is not lost as I'm certain I can get one online.....I think.

One of my fantasy projects is a patchwork quilt of my children's old baby clothes.  I have saved many of their little outfits and I would like to make them a permanent reminder of that precious time.  Of course that won't be my first quilt project as I would hate to bugger it up and lose those fabric swatches! I will start with something simple and work my way up.  I have a quilt that my great grandmother made and one from my mother, this would be a special addition to that collection.
This year I would like to make some of our Christmas gifts.  Two things that I have found online are rice bags (can also be filled with cherry pits) and coffee cozies.  The picture above shows a French press cozy, but I want to do that on a smaller scale for take out coffee mugs.  I want to make things that are personal and pamper the recipient.  Of course these wouldn't be the only things on the list but you get the idea.
How cute is this!

My other ambition is to learn how to knit.  Whenever you think of knitting it's always in relation to sweaters and mile long scarves, but there are so many other ideas in the yarn arena, like these dishcloths:

My friend makes dishcloths every year and she uses this super cool basket weave pattern that I can't wait to learn!  I couldn't find a picture online with that pattern but the ones above are cute too.  Some day (hopefully before I'm 40) I will be able to turn these out a dime a dozen too ;)  As I finish my projects I will show them here so you can see how I'm coming along.

Did I mention I want to teach my boys to sew?  Yep I want them to know their way around the old sewing machine, just like I want them to know how to do laundry, cook, and clean.  Boys need to know how to manage on their own.  It's much like teaching your daughter how to change a tire or check the oil.  My kids will be super independent :)