What I'm Loving Wednesday!

1.  The Royal Canadian Tour (you knew that would be first!) - I am loving every minute of it and feel even more certain that William and Catherine are a perfect fit.  I can't wait to hear of royal babies!  The only downer is they are stopping in Calgary and I am NOT in Calgary.  I'm still licking my wounds over my absence in the UK during the wedding, but at least technology allows me to pretend :)

2.  Opening my Avon Deliveries - It's seriously like Christmas!  I have always loved the sparkling newness of opening parcels and this is no different.  I also get so excited to try the new stuff I've ordered and love love love this new dress I bought:

3.  My Garden - It's growing like...well....a weed!  It's growing a few weeds as well LOL!  Everything is coming up amazing and I can't wait to see the end result!

4.  Prepping For The School Year - Yes it's only July but I'm already busy deciding on curriculum for the fall.  This is the first year both boys will be in full time study and I can't wait!

5.  Papa Murphy's Thai Chicken Pizza - It's seriously a new addiction!  I just love it and as a matter of fact it's on the supper menu tonight :) Trust me it's the closest thing to sex that food can be, next to chocolate of course!

6.  My Kid's Made Friends With The Neighbor Kids - Yes they finally have next door playmates which they have never had.  It's so sweet to see how happy they are knowing that they have little friends so close by!

7.  Katie Price's Documentary 'Standing Up For Harvey' - I seriously love how she has advocated not only for her own son but for others who may be perceived as challenged or different.  It made me smile, it made me cry, and I think it's so worth a watch.  It comes in three parts, you can watch part one below and then catch the other two to follow under the same user:

8.  Sunshine - We are getting a lot of rain around here, so when the sun comes out I am doing a happy little dance!  Hoping to go to the park today, but if not then we will partake in the backyard :)

9.  Good Friends - What is life without them?  I have a good network of lovely people in my life and feel so blessed.

10.  Getting My House In Order - Slowly it is coming along and it's so nice to see real progress!  Sorting and organizing takes time but it is so worth it!

There is some stuff I'm loving today, how about you?  Head on over to see Jamie and tell us all about it!  You can share or you can just check out what everyone else has linked up.  Go on you know you want to!

Have a super day!

Oh and one thing I'm not loving.....all these Blogger problems!  I am so sick of trying to post, save or upload pics only to have it not working.  Seriously Blogger staff let's get this fixed already it's been far too long.
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  1. Lesley Says:

    I just opened my Avon boxes and I'm so excited! I love, love, love the taco salad forms. Seriously, they are so much bigger than I anticipated.
    I'm going to have a big taco BBQ ( once you get your braces off ) and we'll pig out, baby! Muah! ♥