It's Time Again For...

Here are 10 things I am loving today!

1.  My new Etsy Jewelry purchases!  I don't buy stuff for myself often but when I do it's something I am totally crazy about.  I hung out at Fabulously Flawed and grabbed myself some awesome deals!  

2.  My garden!  I've already got radishes, leaf lettuce, and swiss chard ready to harvest! Everything else is coming up fabulous and I can't wait for the fall harvest :)

3.  My kids.  Seriously, deep, mad love!  They are growing into such little men and I'm having so much fun with them this summer.  B is making such progress with his impulsive behavior and aggression which is over the moon amazing!  J is starting his first formal year of homeschooling this coming September and already he can do math in his head!  He's loving it!  He's starting to recognize words and B is helping him along.  Soon they will both be independent readers and writers.  Where does the time go?

4.  My husband.  He is amazing, period.  He is really one of the best men you could ever meet.  I know that sounds bias but honestly I have friends and acquaintances tell me frequently what a great guy he is.  He might be pushing 40 with a wedding band but the ladies (and young ladies) still flirt with him all the time!  He is always willing to lend a hand to someone in need and he is a really gentle heart.  It took a long bumpy road to get to him but he was certainly worth the wait!  How blessed I am to be crazy in love with my best friend :)

5.  Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai nutritional drink.  It is delicious times a million!  The only problem is you can only drink a cup a day because it is packed with vitamins and minerals.  Unfortunately it tastes so good the bottle taunts me from the fridge LOL!

6.  Avon Reversalist Skin Care products.  My skin seems to really love this stuff!  Normally when my time of the month hits I look like a pimply faced school girl (especially with my peri-menopausal hormone coaster).  I started using this and my skin was ten times better!  Even my complexion is looking so much better then it's regular blotchy pink mess.  I was beginning to wonder if I would ever have nice skin, but I really think now that it is possible!

7.  The new styles of riding boots at Sears Canada.  I will tell you a little secret about me, I am an equestrian at heart.  If I were wealthy I would have horse stables, take equestrian lessons, the lot!  I love horses!  However horses won't happen here anytime soon, but I can still love up on the equestrian style.  I have been searching for decently priced riding style boots and finally Sears has come to my aid.  I think I will have a black and a brown pair this year if I can swing it!

8.  Homeschooling!  I have been busy researching curriculum and activities for the upcoming school year.  I'm not done arranging everything but I'm close.  I am so excited to start again in the Fall!

9.  Weight Watchers - I have been so lazy this summer with my weight and eating habits.  Let me tell you as a friend once said, putting a pretty shirt over a muffin top does not turn you into a cupcake!  So, now I'm off to get myself together with the help of my trusty friend Weight Watchers.  We never really parted ways, we simply got busy and forgot to call each other.  

10. My hair!  I lopped it off into a bob, yes sir I did!  I don't have a pic yet, but it's very easy and comfortable :)

What are you loving today?  Stop on by and see Jamie to tell us all about it!

Have a super awesome day!

3 Responses
  1. Great list! I'm glad you made it through the bumpy road and ended up with a good guy!

  2. I have the necklace in purple. I love it. All my stuff from her is in purple. She will retire on what I buy. ;-)

  3. Lesley Says:

    You cut your hair? Whaaaat?