Wow, How Time Flies...
When You Are Working In The Great Outdoors!

The last two days have been a blur, as we toiled away in our large garden patch.  It's been a labor of love, and we pray something actually grows!  

We moved to our acreage home last April, and the yard was not in the best shape.  The garden area is what used to be the space for an old greenhouse many years ago.  Needless to say there wasn't much to work with other that a big cement bordered space full of weeds.  We (along with the help of some great neighbors) tilled the heck out of it, trucked in some lovely manure mixed with top soil, and tilled again to get a nice consistent mixture of garden soil. 

After many seeds, plants, stakes, and fence bundles we have this!

It doesn't look like much right now but hopefully it will produce some lovely results.  The space is actually much longer than it appears as it's actually surrounded by the cement foundation belonging to the old greenhouse.  You know those long glass greenhouse buildings you see at the garden centers where you buy all your plants and supplies, this was one of those.  

If all surfaces above ground (and we can keep the wild critters out of it) we should produce:  Peas, Orange Carrots, White Carrots, Beets, Rainbow Swiss Chard, Iceburg Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Zucchini, Yellow Squash (essentially yellow Zucchini), English Cucumbers, Cauliflower, Rainbow Bell Peppers, Big Red Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onions, White Onions, Green Onions, French Breakfast Radishes, Red Potatoes, and White Potatoes.  I think that's everything LOL!

We have also planted the following fruit trees:  Red Raspberries (2 Types), Golden Raspberries, Saskatoon Berries (2 Types),  and Blueberries (2 Types).

In a smaller bed we have our Pumpkins next to the children's garden where they plant Sunflowers and Cosmos.  We are hoping to get a pumpkin each for Halloween carving!

Hubby is building me a little self contained patch for my Red Rhubarb plant.  Rhubarb tends to take over, so a permanent location where it can't spread further than you dictate is best.  It's like an unruly child, it needs boundaries LOL!

I still have to get my herbs, strawberries, and garlic going on the deck.  I'm hanging the strawberries to see if I get more fruit that way, and the rest is just waiting for more soil and pots.

I also got dug in with the front flower beds.  I had Day Lilies in the weirdest spot, so I had to transplant them all after I got the weeds and junk out of the way.  I now have one front bed totally planted and one waiting for my Sweet William seeds.  Getting closer to the end, and considering it was only two days work I feel rather accomplished!  

Have a super fantastic day!

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1 Response
  1. You know what?
    I may not comment every time but, I do read your blog each time you put up a new one.

    I like your blog because it is from your heart. You are not doing what so many other do. You are not foul, you don't complain (least not that I have noticed). You are honest and wholesome and to me that is what makes you such a good read.

    I love the size of your garden. Wishing I could have 1 that big but, what we have done is sectioned off a part of our yard. Meaning....built an additional fence and gate so the dogs can't get in and rocked that section. Then we had a couple of guys come in and build 2 boxed ares that are 16" x 6". We get quite a bit in there and this being our 3rd year, we have finely tuned it to what is sensible to grow and, what is cheaper to just buy at the store (peas. The biggest change this year for us is our tomato plants. We had a jungle of them last year which we did not expect. I was giving away tomatoes like crazy. I ended up taking what we could not possibly eat before they would go bad and,cooking them, putting them in the blender and freezing them in containers for sauces and soups. This year we bought 4 half barrels. Home Depot sells them for 7.50. they are plastic so we don't have to worry about them rotting overtime. each one of the half barrels now contains 4 tomato plants...a different kind in each barrel. We bought those tall wire cage thingies so that they can grow around them and we should have a better then ever crop. That left a ton of room in the boxed garden for other stuff. Anyway, my garden is my joy after working all day and, yours is going to be awesome by the looks and sounds of things.

    Back to your blog. I used to blog a few years ago and have not touched it in 3 years. I have one here but not a clue how to work it. I just use it so that I can comment when I need/want to.

    Again, your blog is nice place to visit. Don't are being read.