Think About It Thursday

Are you thinking this is another linky party?  Well it's not (at least not yet).  I just pulled this out of my own little head as a way of sharing today.

So what exactly is Think About It Thursday?  I figured it would be a good place to share things that I've been thinking about and different sources of related good stuff.  It's not that I think you are dying to hear what's rattling around in my brain matter, but more that maybe you might be thinking about it too.  

So on with the show!

Firstly, Easter is coming quickly!  I am always wanting to do cool thematic stuff with the kids but stumble across the applicable ideas a little too late.  So, here is a couple of things I found today:
1.  Cheap and Easy Easter Countdown at How Does She.  I have a hard time locating Biblical Easter activities or decorations so imagine my joyful surprise when I stumbled upon this little gem!  So easy and the perfect supplement to holiday learning. Don't be fooled by how basic it looks, the best part is inside!

2.  Resurrection Cookies at Annie's Home Page.  In years past I heard murmurings about something called Resurrection cookies (or sometimes biscuits) but I didn't honestly know what they were.  Well stop by Annie's and see how easy and fun it is to share the resurrection story with your children.

I really want to make the most out of summer as well.  It seems like every year the months speed by and before I know it I've missed massive opportunities for outdoor experiences.  I know that it's supposed to be relaxing and easy going during the break but the beautiful weather is a great opportunity for planned fun as well.

1.  Summer Fun Guide from Kaboose.  Filled with great ideas for all things outdoors!

2.  Idea books for outdoor fun:

 Oh yeah, I keep thinking that I really should win the lottery.  I used to think that my house wasn't organized the way I wanted it because of time but now I see that I could never satisfy my OCD need for organization without the appropriate space (unless I chuck everything I own and start over of course).  No funding, no extra space, that's where the lottery win comes in.  So here's how I would organize my house If I could build extensions on either side or do an entire rebuild:

See what I mean?  I am this total organizing control freak trapped in a budget.  Nothing ever feels organized enough for me.  If I had space like this and could organize this way I think my stress level would drop dramatically LOL!  So now I'm on a mission to find a way to make this happen within my own space.  Of course some of it is impossible here, but it doesn't stop one from dreaming! ;)

So these are some of the things that have crossed my mind today, what about you?  Anything jumping around in there just begging to get out?  I would love to hear it!

I'm off to try and find some more order and check on my busy boys!
Have a super blessed day!

3 Responses
  1. Lesley Says:

    I hate the way my closet is built. It's big and compartmentalized, but not very well organized.
    I'd love something more like the second photo with the towels. Something with drawers.

    Speaking of countdowns, this is really cute:

  2. Jeri Lynne Says:

    Those shelving systems make me drool. I love baskets and shelves and stacking husband steers me away from the organizational aisles in stores!

    There is a Versatile Blogger Award waiting for you, if you would like to grab it from my blog! Have a wonderful week.

  3. NICE shelving! I'm a new follower ~ have a beautiful day!