Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig

Quite a mouthful don't you think?  Well essentially it means a wish that you have all the blessings of St Patrick's Day and the "luck of the Irish" to go with it.

I am of Irish decent, so this particular holiday is a favorite of mine.  My father's side hails from an area near the Lough Leane, and my mother's side hails from Britain.  We are third generation Canadian, but I so wish I had been born over there.  I seriously should have been. No offence to Canada, beavers, or maple leaves intended.

The thing is, our St. Patrick's Day will be a day late.  Shift working daddy means sometimes things happen a little off calendar.  It's only one day delayed so no biggie.  I don't think St. Patrick would mind LOL! 

This St. Paddy's Day in our house will be filled with all the green love possible.  It starts with the wearing of green, and of course my St. Patty's socks!

You know me and socks, it has to happen.  If I say I have three or four pairs of clover socks how crazy do I sound?  Do you still love me?  What if I told you even my boys have 'Kiss Me I'm Irish' shirts?  Well hubby thinks I'm on the edge of the crazy cliff but he entertains it (me) none the less.

The day will start with evidence of a visit from Seamus.  Who is Seamus?  He is our resident Leprechaun of course!  Now some people have a Liam or a Murphy or a Finnegan but we have a Seamus.  This is our first year really going all out with Seamus, as we spent the last six wrapped up in Mum's illness and passing so this sorta fell to the way side (understandably).  Normally we just talked about Seamus and read stories about his Leprechaun friends, but this time he is coming out to play!  

I found some pictures that very much resemble how I see Seamus in my head:

Imagine my thrill when I discovered other people have a Seamus too!  I stumbled over to 

Many Little Blessings

the other day and came across a post full of trickery that Angie and her family suffered at the hands of their own Seamus last year.  It was awesome!  So I think our Seamus is going to take advantage of this new knowledge and add a few of these ideas to his repertoire. Check them out, they are fabulous, especially the cool whip!

We will listen to Irish folk music and pub songs to set the mood.  We will learn about the story of St. Patrick and then we will cap off the day with a traditional Irish dinner:

Corned beef, cabbage, mashed potatoes, soda bread, and of course beer for the grown ups (green milk for the kids)!  Mmmmm I can taste it already!

Then at the end of the day, we will tuck in to our beds and read about other Leprechaun adventures because you can never have enough of those.  

Have a blessed St. Patrick's Day, and may you all be touched by the Luck O' The Irish :)

Virtual Coffee Tuesday ~5~

It's true, no coffee so far today just loads of tea!  I even rolled up a rim this morning to no avail (Tim Horton's you wound me!).  Maybe that's why I feel so unproductive.

I am trying to achieve about a million things at once, and feeling rather unaccomplished.  If you were here you would probably wonder what the heck I'm trying to do as I take multi-tasking to an insane level.  I've been told multi-tasking is actually a myth as it just means doing many things in a mediocre fashion as opposed to do one thing to the best of your ability.  Well then I'm screwed, or at the very least mediocre.

I am always multi-tasking to a point where I wonder if I remember how not to do a million things at once.  Today I am clearing my email accounts (seriously bad news, 1000's of emails waiting for sort and dump).  I am also making menus, doing laundry, cleaning house, tweaking my blog, texting with friends, talking to hubby, assisting children, and holding a froggie funeral.

Okay maybe it's a simple flush and wave, but none the less Leia the dwarf frog has moved on to God's pond and Luke is a widower.  I think she might have been a bit of a nag and a rock hog, so maybe he won't miss her as much as I fear.  To be honest I think I miss her more than anyone else does!

Did ya notice I added an email button and a new Twitter button today?  Yeah, well maybe not, but I think they are purrrrty!  If you were here, you would be laughing at my squeals of glee everytime I look at them LOL!

Anywhooo, I'm off to continue being mediocre, but meet me back here tomorrow when I blab all about St. Patrick's Day!

See you tomorrow, have a blessed day!

It's Time Once Again For....

Five new questions, five new answers, all new fun!

1. Do you know what your REAL hair color is?
Mud puddle blonde.  I fear that I could be on the cusp of a slow transition into white but I don't look that closely out of respect for my self esteem.
2. Do you plan ahead for summer, or fly by the seat of your pants?
Both.  We plan trips to see the in-laws but we sorta just go with the flow for camping and other smaller excursions.  I aspire to actually plan out the entire season, here's hoping for next year!
3. What is your favorite meal to cook?
Take out? No I jest!  I think my favorite is Lasagna or Shepherd's Pie. I love comfort food, and I think that's what I do best.
4. Do you get offended by not receiving thank yous?
Yes.  I was brought up that you are to be gracious and respectful when the occasion calls for it.  If someone is thoughtful enough to do something for me no matter how small I think it's only right to thank them.  I still believe in hand written thank you cards for certain situations too, even though some might find that a bit Victorian.
5. How did you meet your best friend?
Which One? I have a handful of close friends all for different reasons.  
  • I have my high school girlfriend that I met in grade 10 as we stood in front of our lockers and here we are 22 years later.
  • I have my co-worker girlfriend that I met when her and I ended up working together at a thankless customer service job.
  • I have my prenatal girlfriend that I met in prenatal class.  We ended up birthing our children at the same hospital on the same day nine years ago.
  • I have my homegrown girlfriend.  Her and I crossed paths many times over the years but recently moved out to the same rural area at the same time. It was then that our friendship really took root.  She is also my blogger bestie, so if you watch close enough you can figure out who she is LOL!
  • I have my New Zealand girlfriend.  Her and I are twins in opposite countries. We have never met face to face (unless you count video chat) but we are still very close.
I have many girlfriends that fulfill me in different ways (too many to list here) and the term best friend somehow seems an inadequate description.  I think I have girlfriends that are all the best in their own way.  I think people are multi-faceted and it's great to have others in your life who enhance different aspects of your character/personality.  If you can find one or a few that enhance all of who you are then you are very blessed.  My girlfriends are my soul food and I am so glad they share my life.

There you have it, now go link up and share your five responses because it's a lot of fun!

Have a funtabulous Friday!

Sunday Funnies

Here I sit this Sunday with a broken toe.  So what's a girl to do?  Find something funny to giggle at and share it all with YOU!

Here are some of the most interesting church announcement boards I have ever seen!

I thought  these were a good laugh!  I believe the Lord appreciates a sense of humor ;)

Have a blessed and rewarding week!

It's Time Once Again For....

I will be honest I am so bad for not dumping my phone regularly.  My current picture count is a whopping 1464.  Sad but true LOL!  Without further ado, here are a few that I grabbed to show this week:

 My Crazy Handsome Men  (Yes that is a policeman's club in his hand!)

Our Chubby Furball Pepper

Shiloh (The Big Girl) and Maximus (The Little Boy) Living The Sunbeam Dream

Science Boy

Our Current Work In Progress

Early Morning Sunrise From One Vantage Point

What My Boys Had For Breakfast (Can You Tell They Had An Easy Mum Day LOL!)

And that concludes what's on my phone for this week!  Tune in next week when there could be something charming, embarrassing, funny or just downright boring.  You won't know unless you come back and look ;)

Have a blessed day making memories that last,