Wordless Wednesday


Ice Rink


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  1. Lesley Says:

    Sigh, winter you nasty biatch.
    Thank God you ended that with hot cocoa or I woulda been bitterly pissed.

  2. The Chick Says:

    That's the only redeeming quality of this year's cold mess! ;)

  3. Brooke Stone Says:

    I love the pics. I live in So. Cal and it's warm here. I would love to live where it snows... I know, can you believe I'm saying this? Hope you follow me back!
    - Brooke

  4. Bethe77 Says:

    Beautiful pictures capturing this Winter! The Hot chocolate the perfect touch to a cold winters day. Blessings

  5. Following you on GFC from the blog hop! Brr is right - I'm ready for spring! :) I'd love you to stop by and follow back when you get a moment! Thanks and happy Wednesday! :)


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  7. Jessica Says:

    Snow, snow, snow...

    I am blog hopping today and I am happy I found your blog.

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    Have a blessed day!! :0)

  8. Those marshmallows look yummy.

    I am following you from Social Bzz :)


  9. Debra Says:


    You totally made my day when you stopped by my blog. Thanks so much for the compliment. Love your pictures, especially the snow-covered car.

    Have a great day,

  10. Yum, I love hot chocolate. I hate winter!

    Sue @ Beach Bungalow

  11. Janice Says:

    Ooh, you just made me crave for hot cocoa with lots and lots of marshmallows!

    Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog. :D Have a nice day!

    Roller Coaster Ride

  12. Bethe77 Says:

    So Im learning about links an getting link to one anotehr.Hlp how do I do that. I posted a wordless Wednesday. Love your blog. I hope to be able to send others your way as well. Blessings

  13. Haute Mom Says:

    I love the blog! Be sure to link up to Welcome Wednesday and share this fabulous blog with others!

  14. Veronika Says:

    Love that last picture!
    Now I want a cup! :)

  15. Hi! New follower from Terrific Thursday Blog Hop! Would love a follow back at

    Now I have to pray for cold weather so I can have hot chocolate with marshmellows... 68 F in Louisiana this morning.



  16. mmbear Says:

    Hi, I am a new follower and have only been blogging maybe a month? I did hit GFC so I am following you and would greatly appreciate a follow back. I have to say this is really a very unique set up for a blog. I really Love it! I drink alot of tea myself and have some tea cups on my blog but I had to do mine myself so it is not as cute as yours. But I am still learning and when I get enough followers to qualify for reviews & giveaways I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can afford to have someone tweak a few things here and there. I don't know how to make a button so I have none to grab and a few other technical things. Glad to "meet" you and thanks for being part of the blog (only my 2nd blog hop).


  17. Sonja Says:

    Found you on a blog hop! Now following. Will you follow back?

  18. Debra Says:

    What beautiful snow photos. I miss the snow!

  19. Michelle Says:

    Oh my goodness! Is there a car under there? LOL Love the ice rink. My son is taking ice skating lessons right now, although he can barely stand up on the things. :) I went for the first time a couple months ago. I would need rails around that little rink!

  20. The Chick Says:

    Yes Michelle that is most certainly a car LOL! We did the ice rink as a little starter for our 8 and 5 year olds who are just learning to skate. I can't ice skate (shhhh) so this makes it easier for me to help with the lessons ;)

  21. Michelle Says:

    wow look at all that snow you had last month! Love the last picture, even though we're in the 70s now that picture makes me want a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate w/marshmallows :)